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clay works


since 2008 -




I find it attractive of clay that soft and gentle sense of touch, and can be freely change the shape. Therefore,It is important that the hands and soil are in contact, and I have continued to create works that use electric potter's wheel and hand-twisting techniques, and are particular about the softness and free movement of the clay even after firing. One of the representative works is the series “onomatopoeia”. It’s makes a very thin shape by electric potter's wheel after give vibration , and leave it to gravity to retain the soft shape that naturally deforms .From the impression that each one emits its own sound, I’m calling it “onomatopoeia”. It seems that is looks like a human society, where things next to each other support and pull each other. This series”onomatopoeia” has various developments. Simple plates and cups can be attached and separated as if parasitic on "onomatopoeia", tableware, hanging on the wall like a painting, arranging flowers, etc. Depending on the inspiration of the user, the use of the bowl.

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