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silent shadows

Project type

Artist residence


September 2008



スイス、ヌシャテル湖の湖畔、Lavoratoir Village Nomadoにてアーティストレジデンスに参加しました。
”No electric, No silence"の共同生活を1週間経験した後、制作に取り組みました。

Participated in an artist residency at Lavoratoir Village Nomado, on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
After experiencing the communal life of "No electric, No silence" for a week, we started to work.
I gave shape to what I felt during my quiet life in the forest with clay. Shapes of sunbeams filtering through foliage, earthen drums and vessels for enjoying the sound...After, I dug a hole, collected bricks, built a newspaper kiln, and fired all day and night.
On the final day of the exhibition, I entertained my guests with dishes and utensils that let them enjoy various sounds.

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