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フランス、カーンにて、フランス人アーティストJane Motin, Doriss Ung,日本から写真家のToru Imanishi,と陶芸家の4名で、滞在制作と展覧会を開催しました。

私は、カーンの植物園にて地元の方々と木の肌のカタチを土に写しとるワークショップ"peau des arbres"を行い、大きな木の幹1周ぐるりの木の肌のかたちを写しとりました。

I worked with artists Jane Motin and Doriss Ung from France, photographer Toru Imanishi from Japan, and after we had a exhibition in Caen, France.
Caen is the city of normandy . There had heavily damaged during World War II, and its scars still remain today. The history, nature, buildings, memories, etc..., and what I felt from this city. Tow French artists who has born and raised tere. We had place "inheritance" as a keyword, in each expression.

At first, I had a workshop "peau des arbres" at the Botanical Garden in Caen with local people to copy the shape of the tree's skin on the soil. I copied the shape of the skin of the tree around the trunk of a large tree.
Next, I tried to fire in a newspaper kiln, lastly the parts of wooden skin inherit with ​​using the Kin-tsugi technique form a ring around the trunk of the tree.
The large ring of tree skin made me imagine people holding hands and surrounding a large tree.

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Artist Residency





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